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Carron Nicks brings 25 years of consumer bankruptcy experience and a reputation for fast and easy client communication. For low cost and peace of mind, contact Carron Nicks Law Firm today.

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Helping Good People Overcome Bad Debt since 1992

Choose a low-cost bankruptcy lawyer who is client-centered and responsive. You deserve a fresh start. Let’s get started.


Stop Foreclosures & Repossessions

File Chapter 13 repayment plans fast to help you catch up on mortgage and car payments.

End Creditor Harassment & Lawsuits

File with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Stop phone calls and get protection from lawsuits.

Stop Tax Levies & Child Support Garnishments

Pay off debts over three to five years and defer garnishments with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. 

Download my free book Bankruptcy for Smart People now.

Efficient & Affordable

This is a virtual law firm. That means you can access my staff, receive updates, and ask questions right from your home. 

No big offices. No sofas. What I save, I pass on to you. 

Meet On Your Schedule

I meet at your convenience, by phone or video conferencing.

Use the calendar to schedule a free strategy session or get started with a call. 

What Makes Me Better


Over 25 years as a bankruptcy lawyer, Carron Nicks has built a reputation for professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail.


You’re trying to find a way out of debt, so I keep things affordable. No unnecessary fees or charges.


Reach me by phone or schedule a video call. I respond fast and bring answers.

I Stand With My Clients

For over 25 years, I have seen firsthand what the burden of debt can do to families and individuals. It doesn’t have to be that way. Bankruptcy is a real way out. But all too often, bankruptcy lawyers focus on filing documents and neglect the human aspect of debt.

I take a different approach. I confront your debt right alongside you, advocate for you in every way under the law, and make every decision with your long-term financial well-being in mind.

Get A Fresh Start

My strategy sessions are free, and you’ll leave with a clear picture of the process and how I can help. 

Want to look into bankruptcy yourself? Download Bankruptcy for Smart People, Carron Nicks’ free crash course on bankruptcy. 

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